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Colonial Era Replica Guns
   American Revolutionary War weapons are an integral part of our fabulous collections at the JASTRO Historic Armory. We offer you the finest historic firearms memorabilia and antique firearms you can acquire anywhere, for the distinguished collector or avid American History enthusiast. Check out our flintlock guns and flintlock firearms, and while you're deciding on which piece you'd like to own, read our Revolutionary War Weapons overview for a fascinating account of one of the most important events in American history.

We have just the replica flintlock or replica flintlock pistol you're interested in. You can add it to your display case. You can mount it on your wall to give your room that historical touch of elegance. Or you can give a flintlock blunderbuss or English flintlock dragoon pistol as a gift to someone you know who appreciates true handcraftsmanship of authentically detailed weapons -- right down to the firing mechanisms. Don't just own a genuine replica weapon -- step back in time, where you'll develop a new appreciation for American History.


Click here to see Colonial Flintlock Pistols:

As with most armies of the 18th Century, pistols for general issue were not a consideration until the Revolutionary War.  The Pistol was not regarded as a useful item of military hardware. The war that broke out in 1776 against Britain began to change that, for mounted units carried carbines or musketoons, were almost impossible to reload during combat once fired. As a result, pistols become increasingly common amongst mounted units, braces of simple flintlocks being carried in leather holsters on the saddle. Many were purchased abroad, from France or England, and a small numbers were manufactured in the workshops of American gunsmiths. 

Click here to see Colonial Smoothbore Muskets:

Before the outbreak of the Revolution, the American or Colonial Troops had been used to the regulation of British Army musket, more to the guns being the famous "Brown Bess". It was naturally the "Brown Bess" which served as a pattern for the first America made muskets produced from local gunsmiths when the war broke out in 1775. Many British arms fell into the hands of the Americans with the seizure of colonial arsenal. Many more were captured from British troops, with the result that at the beginning of the war, most of the weapons were either British made or patterned after British design.

During the war, the United States procured some 100,000 French military muskets of various models. Because so many of them were marked "Charleville", it became the custom to refer to all French models as "Charleville" muskets.

Although, the British muskets were in use during the Revolution and several thousand more were purchased in 1794, the British model was not the one finally adopted. When the United States armories were established at Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1794 and at Harpers Ferry in 1796, the French musket, Model 1763, was adopted as a pattern for making the first American military musket. Production started in 1795 at Springfield, and the weapon a close duplication of the 1763 French model, has since become known as the United States musket, Model 1795.


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