Canada’s # 1 source for Denix made, non-firing replicas of historical weapons:
from Colonial, Civil War to Old West era.

JASTRO Historic Armory is proud to present long arms and pistols that were legendary in the United States during their use in the eighteenth through nineteenth centuries. We strongly believe in preserving the value of North American history, which includes the firearms and fighting weapons of those times that were an essential, integral part of the explorations, battles, and the great migration towards the West.

Imagine seeing Old West wanted posters and holding a Winchester rifle, with big dreams of collecting the reward money. Or having a shootout in the streets with a Smith & Wesson Schofield pistol, ready to walk away victorious.

ur historical replicas and old replica guns, including our replicas of Old West guns, flintlock pistols and Civil War pistols, reveal the genius of creatively using the limited technology then available, and how the courageous people of those historic times became famous. We offer the finest replica firearms that are reproduced down to the smallest detail by the famous Spanish maker, Denix. Our Civil War pistols and flintlock rifles, just like ourmuskets and Old West firearms, are replicated to their original size, weight and appearance — even the lock actions on these firearms are functional, looking and feeling like the real thing, but at a fraction of the cost.

We feature the best Civil War memorabilia, not to mention revolvers, holsters, rifles, cap & ball revolvers, percussion rifles. Check out our SAA “Cavalry” and “Fast Draw” revolvers, and our personal weapons of the Wild West era, like an English Pepperbox revolver or a Remington Double-barreled Derringer. We have a fantastic selection of historical replicas not only for the distinguished collector, but for the history enthusiast as well. If not for yourself, our replica firearms, like one of our flintlock pistols, make a great gift!

We also offer replica weapons from earlier times, such as replica swords and dueling pistols, as well as a Revolutionary War musket in three variations. Also, our pirate weaponry will add that distinctive look of the 17th century to your den or living room with a Pirate Blunderbuss or Pirate Flintlock Pistol.
We give everyday people and gift enthusiasts a rare opportunity to own an antique firearm from our replica guns collection, which in most cases could only be found in museums or from very high priced collectors. The beauty of these unique replica weapons is their technical and artistic aspects that otherwise could not be admired because of the difficulty in acquiring them. No longer. JASTRO History Armory gives you this great opportunity to not only own a unique collectible firearm, but a piece of history as well.

Due to the material used to make these replicas, they are strictly intended for collection, display and decoration use only.

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