Canada’s # 1 source for Denix made, non-firing replicas of historical weapons:
from Colonial, Civil War to Old West era.


Replicas of antique firearms, as defined by the Firearm Act and Criminal Code and corresponding regulations, are not prohibited in Canada. 

We sell replicas of antique firearms and no federal license is required to buy, sell or posses replicas of antique firearms in Canada.

Replicas of Antique Firearms – definition
“Although replica firearms are made to look like the original, they are distinct from reproductions or antiques. Replicas look the same, but are different because they cannot discharge projectiles at all, or can discharge only harmless projectiles. Replicas of antiques are not considered firearms. Under the law they are treated the same as antiques”

*** Firearms manufactured after 1898 are considered modern firearms and such are prohibited in Canada.