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British ‘Brown Bess’ Musket w/bayonet


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The “Brown Bess” was the weapon used by the English troops during the colonization of India, America and Australia. Also used by Wellington’s troops during the war in the Iberian Peninsula and at Waterloo. It was the great rival of the Americans during the 1812 war. It was then sold to the Mexican troops during the 1846 and 1847 campaigns. Nearly 3 million of these “Brown Bess” muskets were manufactured.

This non-firing replica is made entirely of wood and metal. Overall length (including bayonet): 75″; Weight: 7 lbs. The bayonet is detachable.

The standard arm of the British soldier during the American Revolution was the Short Land Pattern musket. The predecessor of the Short Land Service Musket was the Long Land Service Musket, developed during the late 1720s. Primary differences between the two were barrel length (42 in. vice 46 in.), and the metal ramrod of the New Pattern Musket vice the wooden ramrod of the older model. Although production of the Long Land Pattern Musket did not cease until 1790, the vast majority of muskets used in the Colonial conflict were the new pattern.