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British ”Enfield” Rifled Musket, P1853


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 This 3-band non-firing replica of British Enfield (Pattern 1853) has all the features of the original including the one-piece, oil finished wood stock and blued barrel. It is accented with brass butt plate, trigger guard and nose cap as per the original. The ‘V’ style mainspring in the percussion lock and military style sights compliment this fine musket.Overall length: 55”; Weighs 5.4 lbs.

Both Union and the Confederacy dispatched agents to Europe to produce arms to supplement domestically produced weapons. Many rifles were imported from Germany and France but the most serviceable and popular imported rifles were British Enfield rifle muskets. By the middle of the Civil War it was estimated that half of the Union troops were armed with Enfield rifles. What made this weapon popular was that its caliber was almost identical to the domestically produced Springfield rifle musket. The same ammunition could be used for both weapons. An estimated 900,000 of these Enfield rifles were procured for use in the United States.