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French ”Charleville” Musket w/bayonet


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When the American War of Independence started in 1776, the French Government supplied large quantities of these famous “Charleville” muskets to the American Army. In March 1777, some 23,000 “Charleville” Muskets were received from France. 12,000 where shipped to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and 11,000 to Philadelphia. This helped turn the tide of the American Revolution. As for North America, this musket was also used (but with some modifications) by parts of Upper Canada’s militia at the beginning of the War of 1812.

This replica is made entirely of wood and the .69 cal. barrel is made of polished steel and fastened to the stock by two bands. Overall length (including bayonet): 72”; Weight: 6 lbs. The bayonet is detachable.