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Pocket Pistol, M1849


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Colt divided his new developed pistols into three classes for the purpose of production: pocket pistols, belt pistols and holster pistols. Pocket pistols were as a rule .28, .31 or .34 caliber; belt pistols .31 or .34; holster pistols .36. Barrel lengths varied from 2 ½ inches for some pocket pistols to 12 inches (Buntline Special). Most holster pistols had 7½ or 9 inch barrel. Colt was a gifted promoted and in 1849 went all out to capture the popular market from Allen and other pepperbox makers with the .31 caliber pocket pistol, one of the most popular and long-selling models Colt ever produced. It was primary a city man’s and traveler’s gun.

This replica features wood grips and five-shot 3″ octagonal barrel. Overall length: 7.75”; Weight: 1.2 lbs.