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Remington Double-Barreled Derringer


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The most popular of all derringers was the .41 caliber Remington, favorite of the gambler or con man. Anywhere within 50 ft it was likely to be deadly. Remington made over 150,000 of them before they were discontinued. This breech-loading pistol (Model 1866) was intended to hold two .41 rim fire rounds. Because of its small size, it was widely used throughout the Wild West. Ladies would hide them in their purses. Riverboat gamblers would grab their concealed Remington derringers when the cards were bad. The derringers were just as essential in the gambler’s life as the plan for a quick getaway.

This replica is crafted with brass coated Zemac with working action and simulated ivory grip. Hinged barrels swing upward for easy reloading. Overall length: 4.75”; Weight: l.1 lbs.