Canada’s # 1 source for Denix made, non-firing replicas of historical weapons:
from Colonial, Civil War to Old West era.

About Us

JASTRO Historic Armory, Inc. is a Canadian internet based mail-order company dedicated to providing collectors and history enthusiasts with authentic, affordable, non-firing replicas of these famous firearms. At JASTRO Historic Armory we pride ourselves in giving collectors a unique opportunity to own an antique firearm, which in some cases could only be found in museums.

It is our vision to preserve historic memories in time through the provision of these exact non-functional firearms replicas that are realistic in terms of the both the original actual weight and the original size. Even the lock actions on these firearms are mechanically functional and therefore they not only feel real but also cost a fraction of the original pieces.

During the 18-19th Century the long arms and pistols achieved legendary status in America. JASTRO Historic Armory, Inc believes in preserving the value of this piece of North American history including the firearms and fighting weapons that was an integral part of these times. The creative genius in developing these firearms with the technology available at that time, along with the stories of how they were used by famous historic people and groups, are an integral part of these firearms thus evoking stimulating conversation for both historic collector and visitors alike.

The famous Spanish maker Denix reproduces our replica firearms with the finest attention to every detail and it is our pleasure to present to you these non-firing replicas of these historic firearms and to share in their history and development. 

Please Note, that these products, due to the material used to make them are strictly intended for collection, display and decoration use only. Although the lock actions on these firearms are mechanically functional, these items are SAFE and NON-FIREABLE.

We truly hope you enjoy your visit and all the many dedicated people who contribute to the contents of our site look forward to serving you.

Jastro Historic Armory, Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada